ŞAHTERM Company set out the principle of applying the requirements of TS EN ISO 9001 standards in every step from raw material to end user. Our company is aware of producing in a quality level above the customer expectations and standards by involving all its employees in existing progress. When trained workforce and high technology are united with this aim, products which are peak points of market quality standards emerge. ŞAHTERM Company which produces considering financial worries of customers without compromising on current quality, adopts production methods based on nature protection and carries out environmental development activities within the scope of this aim. The company stipulating same quality and environmental standards to not just for its own production but also its suppliers, continues its inspections regularly for these aims.


    Quality Management System  


To assure application of quality management systems and constant follow-up, and represent customers at the same time, an independent quality unit has been constituted. The continuity of our quality management system based on constant innovation is ensured in the light of quality goals, action plans, activity reports, customer demands, inner inspections and data acquired from review meetings of the management.  





   International Quality Standards


  • TS EN ISO 9001:2015, Quality System Certificate ( 2004 ) - Bureau Veritas

    Conformity of Product Standard Certificates





Turkish Standars Conformity Certificate  ( 1988 )




Germany -DIN EN 60335-1Norms  Conformity Certificate  ( 1997  )




EU-directive  2006/95/EC – low voltage source




EU-directive  2011/65/EC




EU-directive  1907/2006/EC




1030 Standard  Conformity Certificate  ( 2010 )