Job Definitions: Definitions of each position are defined accurately and straightly to ensure works in company done ideally. Qualifications needs to be found on executing employee are determined.


Training: Trainings are given to both meet needs of development and training of the employee who is the most important source for the future of the company.     


Performance Management: Employees are evaluated according to defined performance criteria. A successful employee is encouraged, trained and awarded with financial methods if necessary and non-financial methods to develop and promote.


Career Planning: The goal of Career Planning/Development Process done within the body of ŞAHTERM is to notice employees with more potential earlier, give necessary vocational information, skills and development opportunities and plan to get employee ready for duties requiring more responsibility. Both internal and external trainings are given according to needs specified by career development of the employees of every level. 


Orientation: Company goals are explained to newly recruited employee and his/her contribution is emphasized to reach this goal. Within this framework, all newly recruited employees are subjected to the Orientation Plan and given the opportunity of knowing company and institutional culture.