Recruitment & Orientation: Towards our vision, mission and policy; a candidate pool is created through to meet our needs to maintain “Right Person for the Right Job” motto and incorporate with “the best”. Adverts take place for positions of various characteristics and different qualifications for all group companies all year round. Candidates found to be most appropriate are chosen and invited for the interview among the applications towards the needs of our company. One of the points that we, ŞAHTERM care about most is to establish competences. 


Interview Process: Candidates invited to interview for available positions does some or all of the interviews included in the interview process according to competence of the job. These are; Competence Interviews, Technical Interviews, Foreign Language Interview, Skill Interview, Personal Inventory and Private Aimed Interviews.

Candidates found to be successful in these interviews step into their career in ŞAHTERM with the orientation. Employees have detailed information concerning the whole group besides being informed about the company and the department they will work for. Then they are trained in “Work Start Training” in various durations changing from work to work.