Our Vision



Over the next 10 years;  


* Sustain to be more innovative, competitive and more efficient producer every year. 


* To become a Global Manufacturer in Heating Elements industry by achieving high growth targets.


* To generate quick solutions through innovative approaches and create a difference by providing appropriate flexibility to our customers to meet their changing and diversifying needs.




Our Mission



* As Sahterm Heating Elements, we have a solid experience of over 37 years in design and production of heating elements and systems.



* We are a dedicated team of creative and talented people working together with our  customers as a solution partner.  


* We always try to be proactive to avoid problems and continuously search for optimal solutions to strengthen our customers' competitiveness by carrying out design and development projects together.


* Our mission is to build on our history of product excellence and technological innovation to provide the highest-quality and most reliable products and services to our world-wide customers.




Strategy & Policies



* Sustain our effective R&D and P&D activities with determination to achieve innovative results.


* Follow technological developments quickly and effectively and transform them into reliable products to improve heating performance.


* Continue to invest in advanced technology and human resources. 


* Providing a working environment where all our employees transform their creativity into productivity and look at the future with confidence.


* Sustain a corporate identity that contributes society and country’s economy, respects human rights & environment by being aware of the fact that the needs are endless but the resources are limited.